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Sunday 8/5/2011 (3rd of Easter)

By Robert Dimmick

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Loving Lord, we pray for your whole Church.  May it be a sign of your love for all people. Grant us loving relationships between the denominations and within each Church community.

We give you thanks for your servant Julian of Norwich.  Grant us like her the vision of your divine love.

We pray for this Church.  Help us to show your love to people in this community, so that they can come to know and love you.  Give us the generosity to support all our work sustainably.  We pray for all who minister to us, especially for Heather, and we ask for the guidance of your Holy Spirit on her and on all of us as we consider our future together.

We also pray for Christian Aid Week, for all its organisers, collectors and donors, and above all for those who will be helped.

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Loving Lord, we pray for your world, and for your love to overcome all war and conflict.  We pray for an end to terrorism, and to all the injustice, selfishness, fear and prejudice that provide fuel for terrorism.  Bring peace and justice in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the countries suffering from war.  Support all those who work for international peace, friendship and support for the hungry and oppressed.

We celebrate the anniversary of VE Day, and we pray for continued friendship and reconciliation between those who were once enemies, and for the European Union.

We pray for this country, for all those who have been elected to public office, and especially for Richard Willis, re-elected for Peppard Ward, and all our local councillors.  May all in authority be guided by your Spirit and by the values of your Kingdom.

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Loving Lord, we give thanks for Wendy and Rogerís granddaughter Eva Rose and for their wedding anniversary.

We pray for the community here in Caversham Park, and for all our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.  We pray particularly for this school and all who are part of it, and for the Caversham Park Village Association.

Make us ready to support all who are suffering from unemployment, reductions in public services, family breakdown, crime and vandalism, and all the evils of society.  Empower us to share your love with all around us.

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Loving Lord, we bring to you all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit, and especially those whom we know.  We pray for Andrew and his coming operation and his family; inspire them to faith and trust in you.  We pray for Mavis, Joyce, Kay, Elizabeth, Gedís mother, Martin, Derek and Owen.

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Loving Lord, we remember Marian and Johnís friend Audrey, Bob and Joyís friend, and all those who have gone before us into your nearer presence.  As we recall them with love, may we learn from their good examples.  According to your promises, grant us with them a place in your eternal Kingdom.

Loving Lord, make us a sign of your love.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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1. 7th February
Holy Communion
Led by
Rev Margaret Dimmick.
and Dr Alison Johnston

2. 14th February
Morning Worship
Led by
Robert Dimmick.

3. 21st February
Holy Communion
Led by
Rev Derek Chandler.

4. 24th January
Morning Worship
Led by
Mark Burton.

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